Aluminum Bumper Galaxy S10 Plus Review

Aluminum Bumper Galaxy S10
Aluminum Bumper Galaxy S10 Plus The Samsung S10 is one of the significant developments for the year 2019. The design and stylish finish give it an impressive look. It comes with an Infinity-O screen which is large and displays the front camera. The phone is costly and repairing damages or any cracks can be expensive too. Thus, any S10 user would need to install a quality phone cover which matches the standards of the device. The cover should also offer the required drop protection.
The Aluminum bumper Galaxy S10 Plus is one of the most robust and best phone covers in the market. Its made from machined aluminum which is a light and shockproof material. Some of its amazing features include:
Aluminum Bumper Galaxy S10 Plus


The Aluminum bumper Galaxy S10 Plus is made using aluminum metal, soft TPU and carbon fiber material. The aluminum material gives it a rigid frame. The sides are lined with soft TPU material. The edges are covered with soft TPU material which ensures it absorbs the shock effectively. The inner region of the phone cover is lined with carbon fiber. The fiber protects the phone from scratches induced from the metallic frame.
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The use of three materials to engineer the phone cover makes it shock resistant. The edges of the frame are made from soft TPU material. The material is a good shock absorber which would protect your device in case of a drop. The inner side of the cover is lined with carbon fiber which acts like a sponge or cushion. It absorbs any impact that passes the TPU material.
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If you take a closer look at this phone cover, you will be amused by the work done. Its perfect curves and stylish finishes match the standards of the galaxy S10. There are a variety of colors that you may choose from. The colors are selected to blend with your smartphone correctly.


The frame if the case is hardened and well machined to ensure that it’s resistant to scratches. If the case is prone to scratches, then it wouldn’t be able to serve you for long. The resistance to scratches will guarantee that your phone cover will always look clean.
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The manufacturer designed the case putting into consideration the features of the phone. The cover fits well and doesn’t cover any features at all. It offers access to all the ports and auxiliaries like the camera.


The case can be easily removed from the phone thanks to the adjustable screws. The screws allow a user to remove the phone cover and also fix it back. The use of aluminum frame doesn’t make it flexible enough for faster removal.
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  • The case doesn’t cover the amazing rear design of the phone.
  • Camera lens protection. The edges of the cover are raised ensuring the lens is free from scratches.
  • Precise cutouts hence easy and seamless fitting.
  • Shockproof which guarantees a user of drop protection.
  • High-quality material.


  • It will take a user a lot of time to remove and fit back the cover.


Buying a good phone cover is challenging due to the different varieties in the market. A smartphone user needs to be skilful when they are shopping for a cover. Not all the phone cases in the market are genuine, and only a few will meet your specific needs. So, what should one look for in a phone cover before they purchase?
  • The specifications for the particular phone cover.
  • Type of material its made from.
  • Extra features of the cover.
  • The design of the phone cover.
  • Protection features.
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