Best Galaxy A50 Case Protector Wallet Review

Best Galaxy A50 Case

Best Galaxy A50 Case is one of the impressive midrange gadgets in the market. It has a remarkable rainbow design at the back. The manufacturer uses plastic as the main component to reduce the overall weight of the phone. The rear cover of the A50 is made from plastic, which exposes the smartphone to scratches and also breakage if the phone falls off the hands of a user. 

We offer some of the best Galaxy A50 cases you can get in stores. A good example is the Galaxy A50 wallet case. Its a premium shockproof and slim fit phone case for your galaxy A50. Some of the features which make the phone cover usable are: 

1. Designed From TPU Material.

TPU materials are common due to their anti-shock and scratch resistant capabilities. The phone is designed from plastic, which is prone to scratches. The case offers a fantastic shockproof ability due to the use of TPU. It prevents the case from breakage if the phone falls on the ground. The PC hardened material also makes the phone case to be scratch proof. You can use the case for long before replacing. 

2. Full Drop Protection. 

The phone cover has rubber bumps at the corners. The rubber bumps help in absorbing any sudden shocks if the phone drops. The edges are a bit raised, and they have extra TPU material to offer additional protection to the device. 

3. Precise Cutouts. 

The buttons on the phone are perfectly cut out to ensure a user can fully access them. You don’t have to remove the phone cover if you need to access the ports or press any button. It also keeps the mouthpiece to capture the voice of a user. 

4. Slim 

The weight of the Galaxy A50 is very minimal. The phone case is ultra-thin, which means its made from less material. Apart from the phone case being ultra-thin, the total weight is negligible. A user won’t be able to notice the weight change once they install the cover on their device. 

5. Stylish Design. 

The Galaxy A50 comes in an unusual and unique rainbow back cover. You don’t need to install a boring phone case on your phone. The Galaxy A50 Wallet Case is stylish and made from a premium material. 

6. Enhanced Gripping Ability. 

Most phones drop on the ground when they slide off the hands of a user. The phone cover offers the precise gripping ability, which ensures that a user can hold the device for longer. TPU material has an anti-precipitate ability, and this improves the grip on your phone. The manufacturer also offers a larger gripping surface, making it hard for the phone to slide off the hands of a user. 


  • Ultra-thin.
  • It comes with pockets for your ATM cards or ID cards. 
  • Precise cutouts on all buttons. 
  • Rubber bumps to offer extra protection against drops. 
  • Stylish design. 


  • The lips on the camera cutout aren’t raised, exposing the lens to scratches. 
  • The front lips aren’t raised. It exposes the screen to the danger of cracking in case of a drop. 


Buying a phone case for the new Galaxy A50 might be a challenge. Since the phone is still fresh in the market, you might not get premium phone covers that may last for long. You need to be careful when you are choosing the perfect phone cover for your device. Some of the things worth taking a look while buying a phone cover are: 

  • Type of material.
  • Protection features. 
  • The design of the case. 
  • Manufacturer’s specifications. 
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