Bumper Case iPhone XR

Bumper Case iPhone XR
Bumper Case iPhone XR Apple’s iPhone XR is one of the best mobile devices in the market. Its slim and sleek glass back design makes it look stylish. A lot of the XR users rarely use additional security features like screen guards and phone covers. The elegant and natural back design bespeaks of its class which a user wouldn’t want to cover. It would be good to use a phone case on your device as a way of enhancing the protection of your phone. 
Bumper Case iPhone XR is one of the best you can get in the market. The luxurious heavy duty phone cover showcases the back of your device. Its open back design has a lot of benefits to a user. Some of the key features that make this Bumper Case iPhone XR usable include: 


The Bumper Case iPhone XR back is not covered by any material. It gives the device owner the ability to showcase the natural glass-back finish. The design also makes it easier for the device to dissipate heat to the environment. Your phone would be able to work for longer when it loses heat to the environment. 


Wood and aluminum alloy are the materials used to manufacture the case. They are well machined to give the phone case its luxurious look. Wood is a good shock absorber hence being a preferred material for use on the sides of the phone case. The aluminum alloy gives the device an ultra-thin finish. 


The Bumper Case iPhone XR has screws for fitting the phone case on your device. You need to place the phone on the wooden frame before screwing it together with the aluminum alloy. The screws will hold the two firmly around your device. 


The open port design of the phone case allows the ports to be easily accessed. The phone case doesn’t obstruct the ports in any way. The responsive buttons are well cutout. The phone case does not cover them and, hence one can easily use the buttons. 


The metallic back of the case is well crafted around the camera. The lips of the casing at the back is raised higher to protect the lens from damage or scratches. It has a 2.0 mm offset to safeguard the lens. 


Wood is a good shock absorber. It deflects the effect of the impact away from the device. This would safeguard your phone from any damage that may be brought about by the drop. 


  • 1. Unique and stylish design. – The Bumper Case iPhone XR is one of the unique in the market. Its wooden frame concept is outstanding. It’s well crafted to give it a stylish finish. 
  • 2. Toughness. – The materials used to make the phone case are tough to sustain any impact. They offer excellent rigidity and protection to the device. 
  • 3. Luxurious design. – The simple artistry makes the case look fabulous. 
  • 4. High-quality material. – The case is made from well-machined aluminum alloy and wood. 
  • 5. Open back design. – The open back allows the natural finish of the phone to be visible. It also makes it easy for the phone to lose excess heat to the environment. 


  • 1. The phone case is rigid and would take a lot of time to fix it on your device. You have to open the screws and fit them on the phone case. 


There are different phone covers that you can get in the market. You can get the best phone cover for your device if you know what to look for. Some of the phone cases you buy from the market will not be able to last for long. Some of the main features you can search for in a phone cover include: 
  • The material.
  • The specifications of the phone cover. 
  • The protection considerations of the case. 
  • Features. 
  • Purpose of the cover. 

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