Glossy Back Cover iPhone X

Glossy Back Cover iPhone X
Glossy Back Cover iPhone X Buying the iPhone X may feel amazing and can be one of the best investment you can make. An iPhone X is slim and has some of the best specs you expect to find in a phone. The glass-back design makes the phone look classy. You can, however, choose to protect your device using a phone cover. Some phone covers are well designed to complement the stylish design of the iPhone X. 
The Glossy Back Cover iPhone X artistic design would enhance the general look of the phone. The stylish finish gives your device maximum protection. Its made from soft acrylic glass which offers ample toughness required. Some of the features that make this Glossy Back Cover iPhone X useful include: 


The phone cover back has a glossy pattern. The pattern of the case is stylish and gives it a classy look. Its back is polished to make the glossy pattern to be visible. 


Glossy Back Cover iPhone X The phone case is made from soft acrylic material at the back. The acrylic glass material is tough which offers the rigidity and strength needed. Its toughness protects the phone adequately from damage. The material is also weatherproof and is not affected by climatic conditions. 
The inner part of the phone cover is made from soft TPU material. TPU material is a good shock absorber. It deflects shock away from the device ensuring its safe from drops. The material is also flexible hence comfortable to put on your phone. 


Glossy Back Cover iPhone X The edges of the Glossy Back Cover iPhone X are squared. The increased size of the sides guarantees that there is proper shock absorption in case of a fall. The increased size of the edges absorbs more impact. This feature makes it a good choice for tougher working conditions.


The cutouts for the auxiliaries on the phone cover are correctly done. It doesn’t obstruct the use of the ports. If the ports were blocked, it would be challenging to use the phone case. 


Glossy Back Cover iPhone X The camera cutout is appropriately done on the acrylic glass back. Its lips are raised to ensure that the lens of the camera doesn’t get scratched. The high lip also guarantees that no dirt would accumulate on the lens. Dirt affects the quality of pictures one can capture.


  • 1. Stylish design. – The glossy design of the phone makes it elegant. The fantastic colors would also make you feel lively when you are using your phone. 
  • 2. Camera protection. – A good phone cover should adequately protect your camera lens. The cutout lips for the camera lens are raised to protect it from scratches. 
  • 3. Enhanced protection. – The edges of the phone cover are raised to increase the protection ability of the cover. The sides absorb more shock impact. 
  • 4. The acrylic glass used at the back of the phone is easy to clean. The material is usually dust free, and you can easily wipe it. 
  • 5. Flexible. – The case is made from flexible material. Fitting the case on your phone will be easy with limited challenges. 


  • 1. The phone case does not have well designed responsive button covers. This makes the use of sensitive buttons to be challenging. 


Glossy Back Cover iPhone X A quality phone case would create a good impression. Different phone covers are readily available in the market. This makes it hard to get a quality phone case. You need to carry out an in-depth analysis to know whether the case is worth buying. Some of the factors to look in a phone cover include: 
  • The material.
  • Protection capabilities. 
  • The phone cover specifications. 
  • The design features. 
  • Purpose of the phone case. 

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