Heavy Duty iPhone XS Max Case

Heavy Duty iPhone XS Max Case
Heavy Duty iPhone XS Max Case is an investment when we consider its buying price. The phone comes with a glass back which may be tough, but you will need to use a phone case. For individuals working in harsh conditions, heavy duty phone cases are a perfect choice.

Heavy Duty iPhone XS Max Case

Heavy Duty iPhone XS Max Case is an excellent choice for such conditions. It ensures that your phone will be able to sustain any mishap that may face it. The case is also clear meaning it will not conceal the features of the XS. Some of the key elements which make this case usable include: 


The Heavy Duty iPhone XS Max Case can offer protection to the whole phone. It comes with a screen film which ensures that it protects the phone display. 


Heavy Duty iPhone XS Max Case is made from polycarbonate material. The material is a good shock absorber and is used to make the front and back case. It contains TPU material which is a good shock absorber. TPU material also offers gripping of the device with minimum slippage. 

Heavy Duty iPhone XS Max Case 2


The principal aim of a phone case is to offer maximum protection for any mobile device. The Heavy Duty iPhone XS Max Case uses air cushion technology. This innovation uses both pressure atmosphere and smart nozzles to make it function. It ensures there is maximum shock absorption once your device falls on the ground. 


The front and the back polycarbonate material is hardened. It gives it the strength and toughness required to provide the necessary protection. The TPU is integrated with the polycarbonate back casing. The offer your iPhone XS with a dual-layered cover. The cover is rugged and has knurls for enhanced gripping.


The cutout for the camera has an offset of about 2mm. This minimalizes scratches which may affect the lens. The screen is also protected with a 1mm offset. The display will be able to stay scratch free and also safe in case of a drop. 

Heavy Duty iPhone XS Max Case 3


The case has built-in responsive buttons. The design of the responsive buttons ensures that the response is sufficient. It also guarantees the buttons are protected from dust accumulation. 


The case has an open back design. The design enables the phone to be charged wirelessly. 


The charging port and important auxiliaries are well cut out. This makes it easy to use the case with fewer complications. 

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  • 1. Protection. – Heavy Duty iPhone XS Max Case will offer maximum protection for your iPhone XS. It would protect your phone from dust, scratches and also falls. 
  • 2. Wireless charging. – The case does not affect the phone’s wireless charging. Other types of cases you’ll need to remove the case for you to charge your device. 
  • 3. Gripping and non-slip. The case offers adequate gripping due to the material used. The material is also knurled to improve its gripping. 
  • 4. The phone case is lightweight due to the fewer components used in its design. 
  • 5. The case can withstand any harsh condition due to its innovative design.
  • 6. Variety of colors. – The manufacturer offers you a broad range of colors which you will be able to choose from. 

Heavy Duty iPhone XS Max Case 1


  • 1. Limited offset. – The offset engraved to offer protection to the screen are limited. The 1mm offset may not be able to provide maximum protection in case of a hard drop. 

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When you are shopping for a Heavy Duty iPhone XS Max Case, remember protection is essential. The cases may not be appealing but the protection offered may be fantastic. You need to have proper knowledge when you are purchasing such a case. Some of the key features to look into include: 
  • Protection features of the case. 
  • Case specification.
  • The material used to make the case. 
  • Cutouts for the charger and main auxiliaries.
  • Design. 
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