iPhone XR Silicone Cover

iPhone XR Silicone Cover
iPhone XR Silicone Cover Apple launched one of the best phones in their production which is the iPhone XR. iPhone XR is one of the best phones you can get in the market. To buy this device, you’ll need to spend some good amount of money to acquire it. At such a high price, it would require one to take good care of the phone. One way you can be sure to take good care of your phone is by using a phone case.
There are a lot of phone covers that you may get in the market. iPhone also produces phone cases for their own devices. However, there are other cheaper and good cases in the market. iPhone XR Silicone Cover is one of the excellent phone cases you can purchase for your iPhone XR Silicone Cover. Some of the useful features of the phone case are:

iPhone XR Silicone Cover 3


The iPhone XR Silicone Cover is crystal clear. It shows all the features of your gadget. This cover would not limit you from enjoying the beautiful color of your phone and its design. It also has a cutout for the apple logo which makes it visible.


The iPhone XR Silicone Cover is made from a silicone material. The material feels soft on touch. It’s elastic to expand and fit well on your device with limited efforts. The soft nature of the case makes it more user-friendly.


Silicon has semi conduction abilities. It ensures your phone does not heat up when you are using it. The heat is lost to the environment quickly. The material is also not harmful to human. The components used are not harmful hence can be used by anyone with fewer effects on their health.

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The iPhone XR Silicone Cover has a 3-in-1 design. This incorporates the use of three parts to ensure there is maximum protection. The case has the front frame made from Hardened PC material. The inner case is also made from hard PC material. Soft TPU material is used to manufacture the outer case. This makes the case to be soft and flexible enough when fitting or removing from your phone.

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The use of the three different materials makes the case to be an excellent antishock case. The PC material absorbs maximum shock in case the phone drops on the ground. The TPU material is soft and acts as a rubber cushion to ensure the landing is soft.


The front of the case has hardened PC material which ensures that it offers maximum protection of the front in case the phone drops. The edges are offset to guarantee that the screen can’t get into direct contact with the ground,
The cutouts for the camera and the logo also have an offset. The offset ensures the lens and the logo do not get scratched.

iPhone XR Silicone Cover


  • 1. Clear case. – The iPhone XR Silicone Cover clear case ensures one can enjoy the color and design of their phone with their case on. A user doesn’t need to remove the phone case to view the color and the design of the phone.
  • 2. Advanced protection. – The case is well designed with a front PC material to protect the phone’s face.
  • 3. Dustproof. – The case covers the majority of your phone ensuring dust does not accumulate on your device. The ports are also covered to ensure they keep away dirt.
  • 4. Thin. – The case is slim and light. This would not make your phone to look bigger and feel heavier. Its compact design is an advantage you should consider when buying.


  • 1. Tough front cover. – The case does not come with an opening port for removing the top case. The hardened phone case would need time before you master on how to open it.


An iPhone XR is an expensive and quality phone. At times you may be tempted to use the device without a cover. You would need to look for a case that would match the quality of the phone. What can a user search for in a phone case before they buy?
  • The material used to make the case.
  • Design and features of the case.
  • Buying price.
  • Features and specifications of the case.
  • Purpose of the case.
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