iPhone Xs Case Bumper

iPhone Xs Case Bumper
iPhone Xs Case Bumper is one fantastic phone you can get in the market. The device has outstanding features and among the best designs. A user may be tempted not to use a phone cover or a screen guard to protect the device. This is because of the stylish and sleek glass-back design. Repairing the glass-back or the screen is quite costly. Apple’s warranty never covers such repairs. It would be a good idea to look for a quality phone case matching the standards of your device.
iPhone Xs Case Bumper is among the best phone covers you can get in the market. Its stylish and glass-back finish makes your phone to look better. The phone cover will offer a luxurious finish and also protect your phone. Some of the features that make the iPhone Xs Case Bumper outstanding include:


iPhone Xs Case Bumper The phone case is made from hardened PC material, soft TPU material, and hardened glass. The combination of these three materials makes the phone cover to be sturdy. The hardened glass material is usedon the back of the case to give the classy glass-back feature. The TPU material in use is soft silicone. It has the best shock absorption capabilities. PC material is used on the back to give the case the appropriate toughness.


iPhone Xs Case Bumper The TPU material is known for its shock absorption nature. The sides of the phone case are crafted from the silicone material. The material guarantees that it would absorb the shock appropriately in case of a drop.


Silicone material anti-precipitate characteristic makes the case to be anti-slip. This guarantees your device won’t fall easily from your hands.


This feature makes the iPhone Xs Case Bumper unique. Anti-yellowing ensures your phone cover can be used for long. A chemical agent is used during the manufacturing process to give the case its anti-yellowing effect.


The phone cover would effectively cover your phone from UV rays.


The rear of the cover is made from a 9H tempered glass. Its toughness gives the glass the anti-scratch capability. This would protect the phone case from any scratches. It would be able to look new for a long duration.


The back of the iPhone Xs Case Bumper comes with different stylish images. It gives the case an amazing luxurious look. You will be able to choose from a category of HD images from the store.


iPhone Xs Case Bumper There are cutouts done on the case to ensure it fits appropriately on your device. These cutouts are precisely done without covering the ports. Soft TPU material wraps around the edges of the cutouts.


  • 1. The luxurious design is giving it a bright and classy look.
  • 2. Quality materials which bespeak of the class of an iPhone XS.
  • 3. Maximum shock protection of your device due to the TPU material used.
  • 4. Tempered glass back which is scratchproof.
  • 5. Flexible hence ease of installing the cover on your phone.


  • 1. The different materials used make the phone cover to be more substantial. This would increase the general weight of the phone.


It would be good to buy a case which would show the value for your money. The different phone covers in the market make it difficult for a buyer to choose. Not all the phone cases in the market can satisfy your needs. Some of the things you can pay attention to while purchasing a phone cover include:
  • The material used in its manufacture.
  • Production features like the cutouts.
  • Specifications.
  • The protection capability.
  • Price factor.
  • Purpose.

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