iPhone XS Case Holder Review

iPhone XS Case Holder is one of the elegant devices currently in the market. Its buying price makes it more of an investment, and you need to take care of the smartphone for you to enjoy its value. One of the ways you can ensure your phone is safe is by using a protective cover. Despite the elegant design, it’s vital for you to cover your phone well to ensure its safe from any damage caused by drops. One of the best you can get in the market is the iPhone XS Case Holder. It’s stylish and offers maximum protection from falls. Some of the key features of the iPhone XS Case Holder include:


The iPhone XS Case Holder is made from soft, flexible TPU material and a good shock absorber. It’s capable of absorbing all the shock that affects the phone in the event of a fall. It also offers anti-precipitate character which ensures you can grip on your phone for a long time.


The TPU material used is soft and also flexible. A user can easily fit the case on their phone with saves a lot of time. Also, the phone case acts as a cushion, thus doesn’t hurt or scratch your phone. It fits perfectly with limited movement which lowers the chances of scratches,


iPhone XS Case Holderis only 1mm thick. This size is very negligible when you fit on your phone. The additional thickness is insignificant and also doesn’t bulge in your pocket. The extra weight which comes with the cover is also negligible.


The cover has a finger ring at the back which you can put around your finger for maximum grip. The ring is made from a brushed metal, which is nearly invisible. If you lock the ring in its resting position, it won’t raise the phone, making it unstable.


The ring can rotate a whole 360-degrees making it easy for you to hold your phone in any position. It’s easy for you to prop your phone if you need to watch movies.


iPhone XS Case Holder If you love playing mobile games, most of the time if the phone has a cover it will probably heat up. The cover is designed to dissipate heat quickly to the environment. It keeps your iPhone cool at all times. A lot of heat accumulation can degrade your phone’s battery life.


iPhone XS Case Holder is well designed to fit on an iPhone XS, and the perfect and precise cutouts can tell. All the ports are well crafted on the cover. You don’t need to remove your cover to access the ports. Also, the camera and screen lips are raised to ensure that during an impact, they are safe. It also reduces scratches that may affect the camera lens or the screen.


  • Elegant design with several colors to choose from.
  • Ultra-thin.
  • Precise cutouts.
  • Amazing anti-fall capabilities.
  • 360-Degree bracket.
  • High-quality TPU material.


  • The phone case covers the stylish glass back finish.


An iPhone XS is sleek and very slim. A user would need a phone cover which matches the standards and quality of the phone. However, there are a lot of phone covers you can get in the market. You have to be keen on what you are buying if you need to enjoy the value of your money. Some of the features you need to look into when purchasing a phone cover include:
  • Material used.
  • Protection capabilities, an example is waterproof phone covers.
  • Special features, e.g., Magnetic sheet, screen guard.
  • Buying price.
  • Features of the phone case.

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