iPhone Xs Military Grade Case

iPhone Xs Military Grade Case
iPhone Xs Military Grade Case Apple produces some of the best mobile devices you can get in the market. iPhone XS is one of the fantastic gadgets you can get in the market. However, you would need to protect the phone to make it last for long. Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover drop related damages. So, you would need to consider protecting your phone. You can use a quality phone case and a screen guard.
iPhone XS Military Grade Case is one of the best phone covers you can get in the market. If you work in harsh environmental conditions, this would be a perfect phone cover. It’s rated as a military quality cover, and it would work in any situation. Some of the amazing features which make this case usable include:


The iPhone XS Military Grade Case uses two types of materials. The inner part of the phone cover is made from soft rubber. The rubber material has fantastic qualities which make it usable. It will offer a soft cushion to your device if it falls on the ground. The exterior part is made from hardened polycarbonate material. The shell is hardened to an audio maximum shock deflection.


iPhone Xs Military Grade Case Drop tests done on the iPhone XS phone case, show its tough to withstand harsh drops. The analysis shows the case can withstand drops of up to 3 meters or 10-feet. When your phone drops on a concrete floor, the cover can deflect the impact effectively. iPhone XS Military Grade Case sides are made from military grade metallic cover. The protective metal ensures the impact is diverted effectively.


When you look at the back panel of the phone cover, the ridged design looks classy. This design feels soft when you hold the cover in your hand. It’s covered with soft rubber which also assists in absorbing the shock impacts.


iPhone XS Military Grade Case has acoustic channels crafted on it. The channels act as an audio amplifier. The sound is channeled to the front of the phone where you can easily enjoy your music.


Getting a phone cover in the market which doesn’t obstruct your device’s wireless charging is an uphill task. The iPhone XS Military Grade Case supports wireless charging. You don’t need to pull off your phone cover when charging.


The ports are perfectly cutout on the phone case. Soft rubber material wraps around the ports to give them a smooth finish. You don’t have to struggle with the ports when you need to use your auxiliaries like the charger.
The camera lens cutout and the front lips are raised. It’s a protective feature which would keep the camera lens scratch free. It also protects the screen from hitting the ground if your device drops on the ground.


  • 1. Military grade security. The case is tested and proven to protect your iPhone to heights of up to 3 meters.
  • 2. Luxurious design back panel with a soft finishing made from a rubber material.
  • 3. High raised lips. The camera lens cutout and front lips are raised. It guarantees your screen and camera lens are safe.
  • 4. Wireless charging support. The iPhone XS Military Grade Case wouldn’t affect your wireless charging feature.
  • 5. High-grade materials. The materials used to make the phone cover are of high quality. The hardened shell, metallic sides, and rubber material are crafted appropriately. This will give your phone enhanced protection.


  • 1. The metallic material would add more weight to the case. Therefore, the total weight of your phone would increase.


It would be a good idea to get a quality and standard phone case for your phone. There are several phone cases that you can get in the market. These phone cases have different capabilities and performance. So, you would need to be knowledgeable for you to get a good phone case. Some of the features you can consider when purchasing a phone case include:
  • The material quality and type.
  • The phone case specifications.
  • The design features like the finishing and color of the phone cover.
  • Protection capability of the cover.
  • Purpose of the phone case.

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