Kickstand Galaxy S10 Plus Case Review

Kickstand Galaxy S10 Plus Case is currently making waves in the market due to its top-notch features. If you purchase this smartphone, it feels more like an investment because of the price tag. You need to protect the device from any factors that may affect its operation. A user can purchase a quality phone cover to protect the fantastic glass back design.
Most users of the S10 Plus are avoiding phone covers since they hide the well crafted glass-back design. One of the best phone cover you can get in the market is the Kickstand Galaxy S10 Plus case. Its crystal clear at the back which gives users a fantastic view of the stylish design. Some of the phone cover’s features are:


Kickstand Galaxy S10 Plus Case The main material used in the making of phone covers is soft TPU material. The phone case is made from TPU material which offers adequate shock absorption. TPU is also flexible making it easy to fit or remove from your device. Hardened plastic material is used as the bumper frame. It ensures the shock which affects the phone on hard side drops is absorbed.


Do your phones always slip off your hands when you are holding them? Well, the Kickstand Galaxy S10 Plus case has a ring which you can put around your finger. The ring can rotate up to 360-degrees hence you can use it to watch your videos.


The cover comes with a magnetic plate at the back which you can use for connecting to your vehicle’s phone mount. If you are driving and you need to make calls the magnetic sheet can prop your phone on the holder for more comfortable use.


Kickstand Galaxy S10 Plus Case is completely transparent, which doesn’t obstruct the beautiful back-glass design. You now can enjoy the fantastic design of your phone. The cover has an anti-yellowing feature, which ensures the phone cover can serve you for a long duration.


The phone case has all ports and inputs well crafted. You can easily use your auxiliaries with limited struggles. You also don’t need to remove the cover for you to use the camera or charging port.


The use of TPU material makes it easy to install or remove the case when you don’t need it. It’s soft and very flexible, and the cover fits on the phone appropriately with no struggles.


Continued use of a phone cover will leave it with scratches and also fingerprint stains. The premium TPU material leaves no scratch marks or fingerprint stains. You can use the cover for a long duration with no need for changing to a new one.


  • Transparent.
  • Flexible hence natural fit and allows for quick removal.
  • Precise cutouts.
  • High-quality material.
  • Anti-yellowing thus you can use the cover for long.


  • It doesn’t have a screen protector.


Kickstand Galaxy S10 Plus Case is still new in the market, but there are currently different phone covers you will find in stores. Some of these covers may not offer sufficient protection to your phone. A quality phone case guarantees a long life span and maximum protection. When buying a phone cover for your phone, you should consider:
  • The material.
  • Additional features.
  • The design.
  • Protective features.
  • Cost.

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