Magnetic Huawei P20 Pro Case

Magnetic Huawei P20 Pro Case
Magnetic Huawei P20 Pro Case is exciting. It offers the best features you may need in a smartphone. The phone heavily relies on glass design and means its fragile. You can, however, protect your device using a phone case. There are different phone cases in the market today. Do the cases in the market match the quality of the Huawei P20 Pro? 
Magnetic Huawei P20 Pro Case is one case that matches the quality of the device. The phone case is stylish and offers maximum protection to your device. Some of the features that make the case usable include: 


The Magnetic Huawei P20 Pro Case has inbuilt magnets. They are built around the glass case and on the metallic frame. Once the metallic structure comes close to each other, the magnets attract and come into contact. The feature makes it easy to use the phone case since you can easily unplug and install on the phone. 


The Magnetic Huawei P20 Pro Case is made from quality materials. The frame is made from metallic material. The finish is luxurious with different color finishing. The back of the case is made from 9H tempered glass. 


You no longer need to cover the back of your device. The case has a 9H tempered glass at the back. The glass shows the classy finish of the Huawei P20 Pro. The glass is anti-scratch and absorbs shock effectively. The tempered glass is capable of protecting your device once it drops. 


Magnetic Huawei P20 Pro Case The frame of the device is a good shock absorber. It’s thin and lightweight adding less weight to the total weight of the device. It’s a 2-piece design which can be fitted into each other to cover the phone completely. The device is highly machined to protect it from shock and scratches. 


Magnetic Huawei P20 Pro Case ensures the functionality of the phone is not affected. The ports are well curved out to ensure they function well. The responsive buttons are well cut out for proper functioning. 


Magnetic Huawei P20 Pro Case The camera has a cutout done precisely around the lens. The cutout is offset to ensure the camera lens is not scratched. If the phone crashes on the floor, the offset protects it from hitting the ground. 


Magnetic Huawei P20 Pro Case The 9H tempered glass is one of the hardest that you can find in the market. It will absorb shock to prevent it from reaching your device. The metallic frame also protects the bumpers when the phone drops. You will no longer worry about your device getting scratches. 


  • 1. The case is lightweight. – The metal is slim and light due to the materials used. This does not compromise the protection capabilities of the phone case. 
  • 2. Stylish design. – The complete design on the case is classy hence doesn’t compromise on the natural look of the phone. 
  • 3. Clear back. – The tempered glass ensures your device is protected and still clear. The glass back is clear for anyone who would need to enjoy the glass design of the device. 
  • 4. Shockproof. – The metallic frame ensures the case is rigid to offer maximum protection. The case also has a hardened glass back with the capability of absorbing shock. 
  • 5. Easy fit. – The use of magnetic adsorption ensures that its easy to install the case on your device. It saves you time which you may use to remove and refit your case. 


  • 1. Rigid. – The metallic frame of the case makes it stiff. This can prove to be challenging for anyone who needs a flexible case. 


Buying a phone case is easy, but getting a quality phone case may be challenging. You need to know how to look for a quality case in the market. Different manufacturers make phone cases for the Huawei P20 Pro. You need to know how to look for a quality phone case. Some of the factors you can consider when looking for a phone case include: 
  • Manufacturers specifications. 
  • Features of the case. 
  • Protection features of the phone case. 
  • The design. 
  • The material used to manufacture the case

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