Review Armor Case Luxury Cover iPhone 6 6s Plus

Review Armor Case Luxury Cover iPhone 6 6s Plus

Review Armor Case Luxury Cover iPhone 6 Plus

Review Armor Case Luxury Cover Where you spend hundreds of dollars on a shiny new iPhone, you should probably invest in a phone cover as well. There is nothing like the metal surface of your phone, and you probably want to use it without a cover. But there are a ton of accidents that can happen.
In today’s world Armor Case Luxury , your smartphone is literally your all. It is your dictionary, your reminder, your alarm clock, your grocery list, your camera, your mailbox, your map, your connection to your close ones. It surely needs protection from a fall in the toilet, curious toddlers, a tumble down the stairs, and a bunch of other accidents.
Each new smart phone on the market is built stronger than its predecessors. Many smart phones are now waterproof as well, but they are bound to get scratched after going through an accident. So, you know that your iPhone needs a cover or case, such as the armor case.


The armor case for iPhone 6 is equipped with a ring bracket built right in. It has a magnetic sheet that will stay stable on your car’s magnet, while you use it for navigation.

Moreover, you can place your phone on a table and use the ring bracket to act as a back support for hands free viewing.
The powerful material of the armor case provides great protection for your iPhone 6+ or 6S+


It is such a sturdy cover that you are sure to love it. The built in ring bracket will certainly not flip open clumsily every now and then.Moreover, this phone over is dust-resistant which is awesome. Normally, you get a phone cover to protect your phone from accidents, and then you have to deal with a heap of dust. This strong cover is equipped with wider port openings. This feature makes it easy to use third party accessories, such as ear phones, speakers, and chargers.It covers the phone fully from all sides, so you can use it even without a screen protector. It comes in a variety of colors to suit the tastes of different people.


This is a sturdy cover that is sure to make your phone bulky. Most people do not like that. Smart phones have been designed such to pack a punch, but weigh pretty light. The armor case totally disregards this.

The armor cover is difficult to put on and remove. So, once you put it on your phone, you cannot remove it easily. Some people like changing their phone covers often, but with this cover, it will become a hassle.

The volume and power buttons are covered which makes them a little difficult to press because of the bulky nature of this case.
A phone cover does not provide protection against each and every accident. The way your phone hits the ground or any other surface determines the damage that is caused. But, in the search of a perfect phone cover, you might spend upto 50 dollars. That amount is almost a quarter of your phone’s worth.



Armor Case Luxury iPhone 6 is a well-built phone cover that you are going to find pretty useful when, God forbid, you drop it on a tough surface. Also, the various colors in it serve a variety of choices.
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