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iPhone XR Full Protective Case
iPhone XR Full Case Apple is giving its users the best features in iPhone XR. Its one of the expensive phones you can get in the market with outstanding features. Its sleek and as a user you may need to maintain the phone. You can prolong its life and keep the phone scratch free by using a quality phone case. Its also cost effective to protect your iPhone from breakage.
Meszo offers you one of the best iPhone XR full cases. It covers the screen plus the body making it one of the best in the market. Some of the main features that make this case usable and appropriate for your iPhone XR include:

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This particular iPhone XR Full Case gives maximum protection. The case comes with edges that are raised to provide extra anti-fall protection. The corners have bumpers which also protect the phone when it falls off your hands.
The case also comes with an anticollision screen guard. The screen cover is explosion proof which guarantees you maximum security. The screen film comes together with the case.
The back and the front of the shell are both hardened. This makes it tough enough to withstand any shock that may affect the phone. The shell and the screen film cover the whole phone once fitted.

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The phone case is made using silicone material. The material is easy to harden and give the unique features. The material gives it an expensive finish and is flexible.


The material used to make the phone is frosted to ensure that it gives you the best features. The frosted material guarantees that precipitation does not accumulate inside your case. It also ensures no dirt accumulates inside the case. This would leave your phone with no scratch at all. The frosted material is also anti-pollution.

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The case has a sleek design giving it a classy look. The case has cutouts which are useful for connecting the particular auxiliaries. The screen film also is sensitive to grant access to the touch button. It has a 0.3mm offset which ensures the lens of the camera is protected and can’t get scratches.


The thickness of the phone case is approximately 0.9mm. The size is slim enough to ensure the phone fits in your pocket without bulging.


  • 1. High-quality material – The material feels sleek on touch. It would give your phone a stylish look. The material lies under the class of TPU. This guarantees you that the case can sustain high abrasion forces.
  • 2. 360-degree protection – The case offers 360-degree protection to the phone. You don’t need to purchase a screen guard for your phone if you acquire this iPhone full case.
  • 3. Ultra-thin. – The case is slim in design. A slim case is light and does not increase the thickness of the phone. This would make it fit appropriately in your pocket.
  • 4. Tough. – The case is tough enough to sustain any shock in case the phone falls off. It’s also frosted ensuring there is no precipitate accumulation on the device.

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1. The case is not flexible. – The case is frosted making it tough and rigid. This means it would not be able to expand to fit in different gadgets precisely.


An iPhone XR is quite expensive to repair once it breaks down. You should look for the appropriate phone case that would be appropriate for your iPhone. So, what can one look at before buying a case?
  • The material used for making the case.
  • Design of the case.
  • Features of the case.
  • Weight.
  • Cutouts for the auxiliaries like charging port.
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