Review Shockproof Armor Case Note 9

Shockproof Armor Case Note 9 Some working conditions don’t allow you to own quality smartphones. Anyone now can own the kind of phone they like no matter the working conditions. All that one needs is a quality phone cover to offer the necessary protection. One of the fantastic smartphones you can comfortably own is Samsung Note 9.
Since the warranty doesn’t cover damages caused by drops, it’s your responsibility to ensure you protect your device. Repairing the smartphone for such damages may be expensive, and you don’t need such unwanted costs. The Shockproof Armor Case Note 9 is one fantastic phone case you can use on your device. The factors which make it usable are:


Shockproof Armor Case Note 9 The material used in the manufacture of a phone case matters a lot. The Shockproof Armor Case Note 9 uses four different materials to achieve the best protection it can offer. The sides are designed from soft TPU rubber. TPU material is an excellent shock absorber due to its anti-fall capability. TPU material can absorb and deflect shock in the event of a drop.
The back of the phone case is a matte hard shell. The shell gives the cover maximum toughness it needs to protect your device. The rear part of the cover can withstand any hard knocks and hard knocks. The kickstand is made from zinc alloy, which is excellent rust resistant and can withstand harsh conditions. At the center of the kickstand, there is a magnetic sheet which you can use to anchor your phone on your vehicle’s phone holder.


Most shockproof phone cases don’t have a stylish look. If you are involved in different official events, the beautiful cover will compliment such events due to its elegant design. The edges are well crafted to give an exceptional finish.


The camera lens and the screen are two of the fragile parts in the event of a hard drop. This case has a raised camera cutout lip to protect the camera if your phone drops. The mouth has a 0.5mm offset which keeps the camera lens safe at all times.


The screen of Note 9 can be affected by a drop, and the manufacturer took measure to ensure the screen is safe. The phone case offers a 1 mm offset above the screen to guarantee the screen doesn’t come into direct contact with the ground if it falls on the ground.


Shockproof Armor Case Note 9 The phone has covers for all ports to make it dust-free. If you adequately cover the ports, then you have minimal chances of dust accumulation. The phone case is sturdy and well tested, which makes it a good anti-fall cover. It can fall from a distance of up to 1.6 meters, and the cover can sustain such a drop.


  • Stylish design.
  • Maximum screen and camera lens protection.
  • Anti-fall.
  • It comes with a kickstand.
  • Precise cutouts for all the buttons.


  • Bulky.


Shockproof Armor Case Note 9 Having a quality phone cover makes you happy and satisfied. The presence of different phone covers in the market makes it difficult for a buyer to make an appropriate choice. You need to have adequate knowledge on how you can pick outstanding phone covers. When you are buying a phone cover, you should pay attention to:
  • The protection features.
  • Material.
  • Manufacturer specifications.
  • Look for any extra design features.
  • Cost.

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