Rose Flower iPhone X Case Review

Rose Flower iPhone X Case
Rose Flower iPhone X Case is not the latest smartphone from Apple, but it’s still one of the best devices in the market. The phone is pricey and has a glass back. The edge to edge screen design of the smartphone completes its classy design. The glass-back makes the phone fragile and if it drops on the ground chances are it will break. To avoid this, you can purchase a stylish and affordable phone cover from the market. 
Rose flower iPhone X case is one stylish and affordable cover that you can get. Its floral print makes it a fashion phone cover. It still gives a user the protection they would need for their device. Some of the Rose flower iPhone X case features include: 


The exterior part of the cover has a fabulous floral print. If you love fashion and need something with a luxurious look, this may be a viable option. Also, the floral design will make your device to look better due to the bright colors. 


The case is made from TPU material. This material is soft and also has excellent shock absorption capabilities. You can trust the material to offer the required shock protection. The material also posses other impressive characteristics like anti-precipitate and also elasticity. This will ensure that your phone will be dry at all times. 


The edges of the cover are raised to ensure they protect the screen of the phone. They have an offset of approximately 0.33mm which can protect the phone from screen damage if it drops on the floor. The camera lips are well curved around the lens and also raised. It’s designed to ensure that the camera is safe and that it will always remain scratch free. 


The corners of the phone covers are covered with metallic plates. The plates ensure that maximum impact is deflected before the effect reaches the phone. The soft TPU material can absorb any extra shock. The sparkling golden color of the metallic plates at the edges are also adding color to the phone cover. 


Nothing frustrates more than a cover which doesn’t fit appropriately on your device. The cover should fit well and should not cover any auxiliary ports. The rose flower iPhone X case has appropriately done cutouts, and button covers are on the right places. You won’t struggle with the phone cover when you need to use the auxiliary ports. 


  • Luxurious and stylish with a floral design finish. 
  • High-quality material. 
  • Precise cutouts. 
  • Shockproof. Made from TPU material which is a good shock absorber, 


  • The use of metallic plates and jewel would probably add some extra weight. 


When you are shopping for a phone cover on the market, you will realize there are a lot of covers for the iPhone X and other phones. To get a good cover that suits your preferences, you need to be knowledgable. Some of the things you need to consider when purchasing the phone cover include: 
  • The material.
  • Phone cover specifications. 
  • Protection capability/ ratings. 
  • design features. 
  • Purpose. 

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