S9 Plus Case Wallet Slim

S9 Plus Case Wallet Slim

S9 Plus Case Wallet Slim Owning is impressive due to the top-notch features and classy finish on the gadget. Repairing and maintaining the device once its broken may be quite expensive for you. The back of the phone is designed from a glass finish. The glass back can easily break if the phone drops hard on the ground. You can, however, prevent this from happening. A quality phone case would protect your device from breakage in case of an accident.

S9 Plus Case Wallet Slim is one of the unique phone cases that you can get from the market. It offers military-grade protection which makes it useful even in harsh conditions. Some of the vital features of the phone case that make it unique in the market include:


S9 Plus Case Wallet Slim has card slots which are crafted on the case. It has the capability of holding two cards at a go. The phone case can also carry some cash in the card slot. This would save you the agony of carrying around your bag when you are shopping. It can be a good choice if you tend to forget carrying your bag frequently.


The phone case is dual-layered with a magnetic strip at the back. The case is made from TPU silicone material which is layered with hardened PC material. The PC material gives it the strength to sustain harsh impacts. The top and the lower part of the phone case have the TPU material well exposed.

The TPU material is a good shock absorber. The elasticity allows it to absorb shock if the phone drops on the ground. The magnetic strips at the back of the case will enable a user to attach the phone on a magnetic holder. If you are driving this will assist you from keeping your hands off the device.


S9 Plus Case Wallet Slim is made using TPU material which is anti-slip. The design also has grooves on it to improve the handling of the phone case. The material is also anti-precipitate, It dissipates the moisture accumulated efficiently. It enables a user to hold on to their phone for long without slipping.


The PC material is hardened to make the case durable. If you are working in harsh conditions, the case will protect your device from knocks. You will be sure that your device is safe in the S9 Plus Case Wallet Slim.


The smooth curves that outline the camera and the ports are done appropriately. S9 Plus Case Wallet Slim This would ensure that its easy to use the case with limited strain. The cutout on the camera lens is well offset to guarantee that the lens is secure from scratches.


  • 1. The S9 Plus Case Wallet Slim soft TPU material ensures the case can be put on the phone with ease.
  • 2. A quality finish which matches the phone’s natural design.
  • 3. Shockproof. – The ability of the case to adequately absorb a high percentage of the impact makes it an ideal case.
  • 4. Card pockets. – The use of the card pocket at the back can be helpful for storing your cards or cash.
  • 5. Multiple colors. There are different colors for this case where you can choose the appropriate color for your device.


  • 1. The case is thicker hence increasing the size of the phone. It also makes the phone to be more massive.


A buyer can have a hard time before getting a quality phone case for their gadget. This is because of the availability of the various phone cases in the market. The S9 would need a quality phone case that would meet the standards of the device. When looking for a phone case, some of the vital components and features of a phone case you can look into when buying include:
  • The specifications.
  • The material type.
  • Security features of the phone case.
  • The design.
  • Consider the purpose of the case.
  • User’s reviews.

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