Shockproof iPhone 6s Plus Case

Shockproof iPhone 6s Plus Case
REVIEW Shockproof iPhone 6s Plus Case Nothing is painful like watching your awesome iPhone break once it falls. It feels like a horror scene as it falls on the hard ground. You can avoid this if you own an iPhone six. This Unique shockproof iPhone 6s Plus case is one of the best in stores. You can purchase one and protect your phone from such instances of damage. The case is crafted to fit appropriately on an iPhone 6s Plus. Some of the factors that make this Shockproof iPhone 6s Plus Case useful are: 


The case is made from high-quality material which can absorb shock. The TPU material can sustain tough abrasions which would guarantee your phone to be safe. The material is also flexible and elastic. It makes it easier for a user to fit in the case without a lot of struggles. The material also gives the cover a premium and stylish look. 
The phone also has PC material which assists n strengthening the case. The material is tough enough to ensure that no shock can break your phone. It covers the edges well and the back of the phone. 


The case has Silica gel applied on it to improve its anti-fall capabilities. The TPU material may get wet and slippery when you hold in your hand for long. The use of Silica gel in its manufacture ensures there is maximum absorption of any precipitate. The gel also guarantees the case is not slippery hence maximum grip. 

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The Shockproof iPhone 6s Plus Case has a robust and premium looking design. It has cutting edges which cover up to the front of the phone. The front side of the case is made from PC material. It has a small offset on the edges of the case. It ensures the screen does not come into contact with the ground on a free fall. 
The case wraps all the buttons ensuring they stay dust free. The wraps are made from the TPU material. This maintains the responsiveness of the buttons. The Shockproof iPhone 6s Plus Cases have the ports precisely cut out to give ease of access. The PC material is cut at the back to ensure the iPhone logo is visible. 


A good case should also ensure that your camera can still work effectively. It has a well-cut opening for the camera. The opening has an offset which protects the lens from coming into contact with surfaces. It would lead to scratches hence affecting the picture quality. 

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  • 1. Tough. – The PC material used to make the case is strong and sturdy to offer maximum protection. 
  • 2. Anti-slip. – The case has Silica gel which was used in its manufacture. The gel makes the case to be anti-slip and hence less worry about your phone falling off. 
  • 3. High-quality material. – The material used to make the cases make it have a premium look and feel. The material also is a good shock absorber. Its flexible to fit on your device with ease. 
  • 4. Advanced protection. – The case covers the back and the front of the phone. This ensures in case your phone drops face down it won’t break. You may, however, need to put a screen film to protect the screen. 
  • 5. Stylish design. – The design of the case is well crafted. The PC material is fitted on the edges and at the back giving the case a sleek look. 


  • 1. Button covers. – The TPU material covering the responsive buttons may affect the functioning of the buttons. 


It would be painful for you to watch your watch slip and fall on the hard floor. Buying the perfect phone case would be an excellent option. When buying a phone case, you need to know what to look into. Some of the essential tips that should guide you include: 
  • Design of the case.
  • Material used.
  • Price.
  • Total weight. 
  • Case specifications.

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