Shockproof iPhone X Case Slim

Shockproof iPhone X Case Slim
Shockproof iPhone X Case Slim Buying an iPhone X feels more like an investment due to the buying price of the device. This device comes with a beautiful bezel-less screen. It also has a back made from glass which makes it fragile. If you buy this device, you need to look for a quality case that would match the standards of the phone.
Shockproof iPhone X Case Slim is one of the stylish and durable cases that you may get in the market. The case would match the standards of the iPhone X. Protection is vital and should be the main factor to consider in any phone case. The Shockproof iPhone X Case Slim apart from being stylish, offer top-notch security to the phone. Some of the features that make this case usable include:


Having a thick case would highly increase the total weight of your device. The Shockproof iPhone X Case Slim is ultra-thin in design. The slim nature makes it have a less overall mass. Ultra-thin phone cases ensure heat dissipation is faster hence less accumulation of heat.


The Shockproof iPhone X Case Slim is made from silicone and aluminum. The silicone material used can also be classified under high-grade TPU material. TPU materials are usually good shock absorbers. The case can sustain shock from a height of up to 4.6ft. This ensures your phone is well protected.
Aluminum is used to make the back of the case. Aluminum material reinforces the glass back ensuring there is limited shock effect on the phone. The aluminum makes it possible for the device to last even in harsh conditions.


The case of the device has an IP54 waterproofing rate. This means it can protect your device splash water. When you are using the phone case, you can trust it to protect your device from any liquid that splashes on it.


The Shockproof iPhone X Case Slim is fully covered which ensures there is no leak into the device. The screen is covered in tempered glass which is reinforced by aluminum metal. This offers double protection for the screen,


Shockproof iPhone X Case Slim The design of this case is made to ensure there is maximum protection. The buffer airbags created around the corners guarantee there is maximum shock absorption. The silicone material also ensures that the case can absorb the shock to protect the phone.


Shockproof iPhone X Case Slim The 360-Degree cover ensures there is no dust entering your device. The responsive buttons are adequately covered with soft silicone material. The cover ensures no dirt or dust would accumulate on the buttons. You can easily wipe out the dirt if it collects on your device. The material can be wiped with limited efforts to make it clean.


Shockproof iPhone X Case Slim The cutout for the lens has a 2mm offset. The offset ensures that the lens is protected from scratches or cracking if the phone falls on the ground.


  • 1. Slim design. – Having a slim phone case ensures your device retains the same size. The additional weight will be negligible. Your device will also be able to loos heat faster to the environment.
  • 2. High-quality material. – The use of high-grade material offers the device the necessary protection.
  • 3. Stylish design. – From the look of the phone case, the finishing looks excellent and classy. You will probably enjoy the soft feel of silicone material in your hands.
  • 4. Screen protector. – The case comes with tempered glass for screen protection. The screen film ensures your phone will remain scratch free.
  • 5. Dustproof screen. – A clean phone will always give a good impression of you. You can always clean the case to ensure it remains clean always.


  • 1. The use of aluminum makes the case rigid. This does not make the case flexible. You need to unscrew the nuts for you to install the case.


You can always find a phone case from the different sellers in the market. It’s however difficult to identify quality phone cases without proper scrutiny. You will need to have adequate knowledge for you to scrutinize the cases in the market. Some of the critical factors you should check while buying a phone case include:
  • The material in use.
  • Protection features of the case.
  • Design features of the case.
  • Specifications.
  • Purpose of the case.

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