Transparent Shockproof S10 Plus Case

Transparent Shockproof S10 Plus Case
Transparent Shockproof S10 Plus Case The 6.4-Inch Samsung S10 Plus is here, and from the specs, it’s one impressive device. If you are planning to purchase the mobile device, you can look for a phone case matching its capabilities. If you have already acquired the S10+, it doesn’t mean you can’t protect your device from any damage that may be caused by breakages. Installing a phone cover on the smartphone is the best way to protect it from any breakages.
The transparent shockproof S10 Plus case is one perfect choice for an S10 user. It doesn’t block the stylish back design of the phone. Its made from a transparent material and offers the required protection capabilities to your device. Some of the outstanding features of the transparent shockproof S10 Plus case include:


This is the outstanding feature of this phone cover. Its made from TPU and TPE which are both crystal clear. It gives a user a fantastic view of the well crafted back of the device.


The phone cover is made from two components. The sides of the phone case and the front is made from TPU material. TPU material is very flexible and a good shock absorber. TPE material, on the other hand, is hardened and acts as a good shock absorber. These two materials are well machined to give the device ultimate protection.


The two materials are well engineered to give your device maximum protection. The TPE material is transparent and also is a good shock absorber. Due to its hardness, it can easily deflect any impact that affects your device. The TPU material, on the other hand, is a soft silicone material. The material is elastic and a good shock absorber also. It holds the device well to ensure that it fits in the cover well.


TPU material offers quality antislip properties. The material absorbs any sweat that would arise when you are holding the phone in your hand. The rubber material has limited slipping capabilities. These two principles work together to ensure that the phone cover is anti-slip.


The front region of the phone cover is raised. This is to protect the screen from hitting the ground in case the phone falls off your hands. The camera lens is also protected from scratches through well crafted and raised lips.


The four corners of this cover are raised higher. There is an extra layer of TPU material which is crafted on the cover. The material ensures that the phone cover can absorb maximum shock in case the device falls on its edges.


This cove is very slim. A slim cover would be a good choice since it doesn’t change the thickness or increase the weight of the device. Its total weight is negligible.


  • 1. The dual protection offers maximum shock protection.
  • 2. Crystal clear case which doesn’t cover the well crafted back side of the device.
  • 3. Premium materials which offer maximum shock absorption.
  • 4. Precise cutouts for the different auxiliaries.
  • 5. Ultra-thin. The total weight and size are negligible.


  • 1. The front lip doesn’t fully guarantee screen protection.


Mobile devices are getting to be sophisticated day by day. You always have to consider the safety of the smartphone and you this means you will have to purchase a phone cover. There are different phone covers on the market. Differentiating between genuine and fake phone covers is hard. Therefore, you need to be knowledgeable for you to get a quality phone cover in the market. Some of the features you can look for include:
  • Protective features and ratings of the cover.
  • The material/ materials used.
  • The specifications.
  • Extra features (Pockets, screen film)
  • The design.

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